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108A High Precision Power Analyzer
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  • 1-6 Phase Power Analyzer; simple upgrad
  • Standard Accuracy 0.08 + 0.08%, and High Accuracy 0.02 + 0.02%
  • High Linearity, 0.1% error at 10% full scale
  • Specified DC to 500kHz
  • Excellent DC-stability, wide frequency range (DC-2MHz)
  • Current Inputs: IN1A, IN5A, IN30A, Shunt
  • 4 Measure Modes: Standard, Logging, Transient, and Power Speed
  • Measures all Values, Harmonics, Motor, Trafo, Energies
  • 1 Gbyte Memory for Settings and Data
  • Standard: USB, Ethernet, Wireless Mouse, and Sync. Inputs
  • Operating Software, LabView Driver
  • IEEE-488, RS-232/USB, Analog Input / Output, 2 Frequency Inputs
  • Touch-screen with color display. TFT display (800 x 480 pixels)
  • A total new gadget is the wireless mouse, which is very user friendly.
4 Measurement Functions
Standard Measure Mode
280 quantities per phase are continuously measured and updated. Values can be displayed on display pages, can be saved in internal memory, or can be transferred via interface to a computer.
Logging Measure Mode
The number of cycles is selected for which a periodic data output to the RS232 / USB-interface is desired. For each phase you obtain 8 values: frequency, rms current, rms voltage, power, power factor, apparent power, energy Wh and apparent VAh
Transient Measure Mode
Current-, voltage-, and power wave forms are displayed in a start-up on all phases simultaneously.
Power-Speed Mode
Analyzes the performance of electric devices. In 20ms internvals the following data are stored in internal memory: rms current, rms voltage, power, apparent power, energy apparent energy and rpmof a shaft
Product Description
108A-1/0.08 Single Phase, 0.08% accuracy
108A-1/0.02 Single Phase, 0.02% accuracy
108A-2/0.08 Two Phase, 0.08% accuracy
108A-2/0.02 Two Phase, 0.02% accuracy
108A-3/0.08 Three Phase, 0.08% accuracy
108A-3/0.02 Three Phase, 0.02% accuracy
108A-4/0.08 Four Phase, 0.08% accuracy
108A-4/0.02 Four Phase, 0.02% accuracy
108A-5/0.08 Five Phase, 0.08% accuracy
108A-5/0.02 Five Phase, 0.02% accuracy
108A-6/0.08 Six Phase, 0.08% accuracy
108A-6/0.02 Six Phase, 0.02% accuracy


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