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Ground and Insulation Tester STERLING 2088

Ground and Insulation Tester

  • Ground resistance and resistivity measurement. 
  • Clamp-on ground resistance test. 
  • Three or four probes ground resistance and resistivity test. 
  • Insulation testing up to 29.9 GOhm with test voltage 50 to 1000V 
  • True RMS AC current measurement 0.1 to 200A (0.1mA resolution). 
  • Continuity test. 
  • Varistor test up to 1000V DC.
  • 1000 memory locations, 
  • RS232 output, computer software included.
  • Large, LCD display with backlight. 
  • One year warranty - parts and labour. 
Earth-Insulation Tester Set 20m - MI 2088-20
  • Instrument
  • Test cable split test leads 2 x 1.5m
  • Alligator clip
  • Test tip (Black)
  • Test tip (red)
  • PC SW Earthlink(For Windows 95/98)
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Handbook & Measurements on electric installations in theory and practice & quote
  • Instruction manual
  • Earth test set - 20m

General cable 4 x 1 m, H test lead 20m, S test lead 20m, ES test lead 4.5m, Earth test rod 4 pcs, small soft carrying bag

2088 is a portable instrument for analysis and measurement of:

  • grounding networks
  • ground currents
  • motors, electrical equipment and devices
  • electrical traction systems of trams
  • trolley buses and other electric gears
  • high voltage cables
  • high voltage transformers
  • electrical instruments
  • electrical appliances
  • AC and DC voltage up to 600V.

Technical Specification:
Ground resistance (4 probes)  Range 0 to 19.99 kOhm, resolution 0.01Ohm, accuracy ±2%, test voltage <40V 125Hz sine wave 
Ground resistance (clamp-on) Ranges 0 to 19.00 and 0 to 100Ohm, accuracy ±10% and ±20% 
Resistivity Range 0 to 1999kOhm/m, distance 1 to 30m (3.3 to 100 ft)
Insulation Range 0 to 29.9 GOhm, accuracy ±2%, test voltage 50 to 1000V adjustable in 10V steps. Actual voltage display 0 to1200V
Voltage  Range 0 to 600V AC and DC, accuracy ±2%, frequency 45 to 65Hz and DC 
Current - clamp-on Range 0 to 200A, accuracy ±5%, resolution 0.1mA, frequency 50/60Hz
Varistor test Range 50 to 1000V DC (500V/s), accuracy ±5%, threshold current 1mA 
Memory, output  1000 locations, RS232 output, Windows software
Weight, dimensions 1.7kg, 265 x 110 x 185 mm
Overvoltage category III/300V or II/600V
Operating conditions 0 to 40°C, max. 85% humidity 
Included accessories Carry case, RS232 cable, computer software (for Windows 95/98), test leads, ground probes, user manual, measurement handbook 
Optional accessories Clamp-on sensors 

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