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EM4055 Digital Earth Resistance & Resistivity Tester

Insulation and Continuity Tester
Measure earth resistance and ground resistivity (Winner's)
Up to 20KOhm resistance range with 0.01 ohm resolution
Alphanumerical display
Heavy duty equipment
Rechargeable battery
Direct reading of ground resistivity
Up to 50m selectable distance
4000 readings memory
IP-54 protection
Built-in printer (optional)
Technical Specification
Operation Frequency 270 Hz 1 Hz or 1470 Hz 1 Hz
Measure Ranges Resistance: 0 - 20kOhm,Resistivity: 0 - 50kOhm
Accuracy (2% of the measured value 2 digits)
Reading Resolution 0.01Ohm
Earth Resistance of Auxiliary Rods Allows Raux up to 50kOhm with error < 30%
Interface RS-232 @ 4800 bps.
Built-In Printer (Optional) For a printed register document of measured values
Power Supply By means of an internal rechargeable battery, 12V 2.3Ah.
Battery Charger 95-240V 50-60Hz
Environmental Protection IP54 with closed lid.
Altitude Max 3000m
Operation Temperature -10C to 50C
Storage Temperature -25C to 65C
Humidity 95% RH (without condensation)
Size 274 X 250 X 124 mm
Equipment Weight Approximately 3.0kg (without accessories)
Included Accessories:
Four steel rods. Battery charger power supply, 95 to 240V input voltage. One 40 meters cable in red colour.
Two 20 meters cable in blue and green colour. One 5 meters cable in black colour.
One 5 meters cable to connect to the grounding system to be measured. Canvas bag.
Datasheet Download
Built-In Printer


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