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Jupiter - The Ultimate Power Quality Analyzer

Ideal for the field service professional who demandes the best Power Quality Analyzer.
Top performance in a portable instrument:

JUPITER, from Elcontrol Energy, provides the precise measurement and identification of l ine irregulaties (voltage variations such as dips and swells, harmonic and interharmonic distortion, transients) on single and unbalanced three-phase AC lines.

Design to meet EN 50160 and IEC 61000-4-30 standard, The JUPITER sets the benchmark for value and exception performance.

Brochures in PDF: Jupiter

  Digital Energy Analyzer -- Model VIPSystem3

  • Current and Voltage measurement - JUPITER KIT includes a set of 3 flexible current probes with 5A - 1000A measuring range and 41cm of length (please refer to the following for more data). Thanks to a particular input circuit, Jupiter avoids the necessity of the usual external amplifier/integrator box for the flexible current captors. The elimination of the external circuit-box highly improves the accuracy and eliminates the short autonomy caused by the amplifier's battery supply, as well as enhancing the natural ease-of-use of the flexible clamps. For voltage measurement JUPITER KIT includes a set of 6 measuring cables, color-coded and with extractable crocodile clips.
  • Memory - JUPITER KIT already includes a massive 512Mb Compact Flash Card, allowing immediate use of Jupiter for measuring surveys.
  • Power Supply - JUPITER KIT comes with a desktop power supply (supply of the instrument and recharge of the batteries) and a set of 10 rechargeable, heavy-duty NiMh batteries (AA type, overall capacity 2000mAh).
  • PC Software - the professional PC software PQ Studio, specially developed for the in-depth analysis of data recorded by Jupiter, is freely included with JUPITER KIT. (Please see the following section for more information on PQ Studio).
  • Transport and Protection - Particular care was taken to ensure both high-protection and high-transportability for the JUPITER KIT. JUPITER KIT is supplied with a shock- and water-proof IP67 plastic carrying case, resistant to corrosion and suitable for airplane-transport. The above case is equipped with an internal, detachable soft-bag containing all the JUPITER KIT.

Jupiter Kit

  • 1 x Jupiter Power Quality Analyzer
  • 3 x Flexible current transducers 1000A
  • 6 x Voltage measurement cables
  • 6 x detachable crocodile clips
  • 1 x 512Mb compact flash card
  • 1 x PQ studio PC software CD -ROM
  • 1 x Desktop power supply
  • 10 x Rechargeable NiMh batteries type AA (2000mAh)
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x IP 67 Carrying case ; external shock and water proof case + integrated extractable soft bag.


  • RMS Measures: In this function mode, Jupiter displays the measured RMS values of the parameters characterizing the status of the electrical installation in the point of measurement.
  • SCOPE Function: Jupiter displays the real-time waveforms of the measured voltage and current signals, as well as their instantaneous RMS values and phase angles.
  • PHASOR Diagram
  • TRANSIENTS Capture - Jupiter is capable of measuring transients reaching up to 1400Vpk and lasting 500Ás
  • EN 50160 Analysis: When an EN 50160 analysis is started, Jupiter will monitor the relevant Power Quality parameters (stability of voltage, frequency, dips, microinterruptions, harmonics, etc.) against the limits imposed by the standard.
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