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951 nukeALERT Preventative Early Warning Radiation Detector


  • Simple to use, no training required
  • 1 second response to full readings
  • Bright display for night or day operation
  • Audible chirp or discreet vibration alarm
  • Extremely low false alarm rate
  • Automatic calibration to filter varying background levels
  • Rugged Enclosure
  • Watertight to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Standard belt clip attachment

End Users:

  • Public Safety Officers
  • First Responders
  • Border Patrol
  • HAZMAT Teams
  • Cargo Inspectors
  • Radiation Safety Officers
  • Military Forces
BNC 555 Digital Delay-Pulse Generator

The nukeALERT 951 is the essential preventative radiological detection system to disclose the presence and intensity level of gamma radiation for nontechnical personnel. Its small, rugged, watertight and more sensitive than commonly used first responder radiation meters. Enhanced sensitivity is especially important when one is dealing with concealed radiological material, where the radiation levels may vary based on distance and shielding.

The nukeALERT 951 PRND system discreetly detects gamma radiation with either a vibration or audible alarm. The unit has a 2-year battery life and automatically recalibrates in high background environments. The belt clip and bright visual display promotes hands-free operation for the end user. The rugged micro-sized package provides a watertight, robust monitoring tool for HAZMAT and emergency response teams.

In the event of a radiological emergency, team members equipped with the nukeALERT 951 nuclear detection system can quickly and cost effectively monitor a large area because of a dramatic improvement in detector sensitivity and response time. Ease of use, sensitivity and operability under harsh environmental conditions make the nukeALERT 951 ideal for responders who work in emergency services, hazardous materials, and counter-terrorism.



Gamma ray detection


Cesium Iodide Scintillator

Battery Life

2+ years @ 48 hrs/week


2 AA Alkaline

Response Time

< 1 second

Energy Response

down to 20 keV


1. Audio alarm; beeps increase based on radiation strength

2. Vibration; vibration pulses increase based on radiation strength

3. Flashing LED; flashes increase based on radiation strength, color changes

LED with readout "1" through "9" with "9" highest. Dose rate equivalence


Automatic when turned on. Self adjusts when high background is present.


Belt clip or belt pouch

Size & weight

3.75" x 2.5" x 1.25" & 6.4 oz with batteries


Heavy Rain -10 F to 122 F, -23 C to 50 C Day or night visibility Passes 3 feet drop test on concrete

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