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Three Phase Power Analysers



Multipanel meter - Single-phase and unbalanced three-phase system.


Energy Counter

DMM3 is a 9 DIN module multi-functional instrument ideal for the measurement and display of electrical parameters. The large clear led displays showing the parameters and values are easily read under all lighting conditions. The instrument displays up to 28 RMS parameters and transmits 53 (see tables). It is suitable for installation in single phase, two phase and three phase systems. Connection is via sturdy 2.5 mm2 terminals and 5A secondary CTs for current measurement. Operation is via a simple pushbutton located on the front panel, with set up keys hidden behind a hinged cover. Each unit is delivered with its calibration certificate and it is covered with 3 years warranty period.


  • - Replaces traditional analogue instruments with one digital package
  • - Improved accuracy and reliability
  • - Simplified installation reducing costs.
  • - Competitive pricing.
  • - Superior performance on distorted waveforms
  • - Low cost transducer for network and sub-metering applications


  • DMM3: standard model without outputs
  • DMM3 485 ALM1: alarm-pulsed-relays outputs + RS485 Port
  • DMM3 4-20 mA: 2 analogue outputs 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA
  • DMM3 LON FTT10: LONWorks interface. FTT 10 One output for pulse/alarm/remote control

SIRIO is a 4 DIN module multi-functional low cost instrument ideal for the measurement, and display of the main electr ical parameters. SIRIO displays 7 true RMS measures in a 8 digits LCD display and can be installed in single and three-phase unbalanced delta/star systems Connection is via sturdy 4 mm2 terminals for voltage and current measurement. PAG, SEL, SET keys on the front panel to scroll the different measurement and SETUP pages.

The setup pages and the reset can be protected by a password. Models with multi-protocols RS485 ouput and 2 relay outputs for alarms or pulses.

SIRIO can advantageously replace by itself several panel mounted traditional instruments saving space, simplifying cabling and offering improved performance in terms of reliability and accuracy at a very competitive price. All the parameters can be configured from the keyboard with the instrument already installed. Superior performance on distorted waveforms. Thanks to the alarm relays and serial communication SIRIO is ideal to control the users in buildings, campings, stores and hotels.


  • SIRIO : standard model without outputs
  • SIRIO 485 ALM : RS485 multi-protocol serial output with MODBUS RTU, ASCII and IEEE. Two relay outputs, one mechanical 1 Amp 250 Volt and one electronic. The outputs can be used for alarms or pulse signals. The relay can also be used to generate, in case of alarm, one single pulse to trip an external contactor.


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