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VIP Energy2k8 Digital Energy and Harmonics Analyzer

Insulation and Continuity Tester
  • Digital Energy and Harmonics Analyzer
  • True RMS measurement, CAT III 600V
  • Unbalanced three phase systems delta or star, bi-phase, single phase
  • High accuracy : Voltage, Current and Power error <0.5%
  • True R.M.S. up to 20th harmonic
  • Alarm, pulses outputs
  • RS485 communication port included in all models
  • Cogeneration Counters
  • Easy and extremely flexible Set up menu including CT and VT ratios selection
  • Password protection for setup and resets
Technical Specifications:
Maximum dimensions (mm): instrument: 157.5 x 58 x 90
Power supply: from network 230 V or 115 V +15%-20% @ 50/60Hz (4 VA).
Display: LCD display dot matrix
Voltmeter inputs: 600V CAT III (750 CAT. II), 35÷400 Hz
Voltmeter input impedance: 2 Mohm
Voltage input overload: max 850 V phase-neutral
Current inputs: AL1, AL2, AL3, COM. , consumption 1 VA. Externational curr.transf. required
Measuring range: 0-120% norminal current
Sensitivity: current 20 mA ; voltage 10 V
Overcurrent : withstand 50 amps for 1 sec.
Number of scales: 1 voltage scale, 2 current scales
Measurements: True R.M.S. up to25th harmonic = 1250Hz with fundamental @50 Hz
Sampling frequency: 2.5 kHz.
Accuracy: <0.5% for Voltage and current and Power
Connection: Single phase or three phase star, three phase delta, or diphase systems
Weight : 0.6 Kg
Protection level: instrument IP20, front panel IP40
Temperature range: -10°C ÷ + 50°C
Relative humidity range : (R.H.): from 20% to 90%.
Condensation: non condensing.
Relay output 100VAC max. 120mA AC max.
Phase-neutral Voltage (V)
Phase-phasel Voltage (V)
Minimum Voltage (V)
Maximum Voltage (V)
Current (A)
Power Factor
Frequency (Hz)
Average Current (A)
Maximum Demand Current (I)
Minimum Current (I)
Maximum Current (I)
Active Power (kW)
Reactive Power (kvar)
Apparent Power (kVA)
Average Active Power (kW)
Average Reactive Power (kvar)
Average Apparent Power (kVA)
Maximum Demand Active Power (kW)
Maximum Demand Reactive Power (kvar)
Maximum Demand Apparent Power (KVA)
Positive (Imported) Active Energy (kWh)
Cog-negative (Expo) Active Energy (kWh)
Positive Reactive Energy (kvarh)
Cog-negative Reactive Energy (kvarh)
apparent Energy (KVA)
Current Thd%
Voltage Thd%
Harmonic Voltage VK
Harmonic Current IK
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