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Metering system software for supervision, control and data acquisition
for RS485 serial network VIPNET-485 and VIPNET-OF

are SCADA software (Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition) "Windows" PC packages for managing a system composed of :

a) VIP ENERGY 485 and VIP ONE 485 energy analyzers and of instruments equipped with MODBUS communication protocol interconnected by VIPNET-485, an RS485 serial network for up to a maximum of 247 units.

b) VIP ENERGY 485 + OFP-485-CONVERTER-R, VIP ONE 485 + OFP-485-CONVERTER-R, MICROVIP3, VIP96-OF energy analyzers interconnected by VIPNET-OF, an optical fiber network for up to a maximum of 32 units.
The VIPVIEW and PANEL UTILITIES V2.1 software packages, developed on the TDPRO® based protocol, can be operator configured to optimise performance in line with individual Energy Managers' requirements.

can be configured and personalised
can be integrated, both for the Elcontrol Energy meters and other systems
are modular and expandable
are flexible, to enable a wide range of applications
are interactive and user friendly
are available in several different languages

The users can independently develop integrated programs with VIPVIEW and PANEL UTILITIES V2.1, including programs dedicated to specific data applications, utilising the libraries available with the product.
Commercially available software, such as Excel and dBASE IV, can be integrated with VIPVIEW and PANEL UTILITIES V2.1.

interact between the monitoring network and the operator: its Man-Machine interface is graphic, versatile, particularly easy to use, and intuitive thanks to the use of icons, objects and windows.
They are extremely easy to configure, both graphically (synopsis, trend and alarm pages) and systematically (reports).
The plant supervision and control station consists of the central processing computer situated in the control room which manages the information and command traffic of the network. In this way the values which are ready and totalised by the meters connected to the various loads throughout the plant, can be filed away on hard disk. The installation of all data relative to all of the functioning parameters takes place by means of the keyboard and mouse, with visual control on the colour monitor and on-line "help" support. A printer can be connected to the PC which prints graphs and tables of the measured and processed parameters on request or, if programmed, automatically at intervals. The PC is equipped with a hard disk memory for file storage and Floppy Disk Drive for the backup and possible transfer of the files to other work stations. A hardware protection key for the connection to the CENTRONICS parallel port is available.

PANEL UTILITIES V2.1 and VIPVIEW are easily configurable and composed of various modules which can be utilised according to requirements. The principal objections are:
Object-oriented Process Database.
Numerical measurement display of electrical parameters transmitted by the network-connected instruments.
Minimum and maximum alarms in realtime and historical files capable of printing graphs and tables.
Historic and realtime trends of measurements with the possibility of printing graphs and tables to ASCII file or printer.
Export of data to user programs or software packages outside of PANEL UTILITIES V2.1 and VIPVIEW (for example Excel) for creating historic files of the total consumption of each user.
Historic data analysis by means of applications developed on PC in the Windows environment.
Report of instantaneous values of selected measurements, over time, event at the operators request.
Passwords at several different levels to limit system access.
Realtime monitoring of active and reactive totalized energy readings for various users such as plants, production departments, offices, premises, lines, panel boards, automatic production plants, operating machinery, etc.
Graphic and interactive man-machine interfaces to enable network monitoring and instrument control. (VIPVIEW only)
Routines for network activities and values of measurements activated on the basis of time and event at the operator's request. (VIPVIEW only)
LO.LA programming language at users disposal for the creation of personalised control logic. (VIPVIEW only)
Interface with PLCs by means of specific software drivers. (VIPVIEW only)
Automatic limiting of the electrical energy measurements points by means of a PLC or other devices connected to the network. The limitation is obtained through load cut-off or, on request, by means of the modulation of automatic production and/or cogeneration plants. (VIPVIEW only)
Remote access via MODEM by means of modem board and VIP NORTON software.
Main system and man-machine interface can be configured in each module. In addition, VIPVIEW and PANEL UTILITIES V2.1 offer:
1) An interactive Graphic Editor to construct and configure plant diagrams.
2) A module to construct interactive graphics of trend analysis.
3) A dedicated language to construct sequences, logics and control programs.
4) Utility tools for easy installation of the product.

Central Unit: INTEL 80486 33 Mhz or higher
Coprocessor: Optional
Central Memory: 8 Mb
Floppy Disk: 1.44 Mb
Hard Disk: 100 Mb
Serial Ports: COM1 and COM2
Parallel Adaptor: CENTRONICS
Video Graphic Adaptor: V.G.A.
Graphic Display: 16" colour VGA
Operating System: MS-DOS 5.x Microsoft or equivalent
MS WINDOWS 3.1 Ambient
Up to 4 8-OF CONCENTRATOR, interconnection board to the OF network (PANEL UTILITIES)
PC485 interconnection board to the RS485 serial network (VIPVIEW)

Instrument selection

Power Analyzers

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