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PowerQPlus MI 2392 - Advanced, handheld, easy to use 3-phase power quality analyzer - NEW

  • PowerQ Plus is a genuine, portable 3-phase power quality analyzer which favorably competes with higher priced instruments and can be easily implemented in a variety of different situations.
  • PowerQ Plus is due to its small dimensions and ease of use ideally suited for routine or complex power quality assessment in heavy duty industrial environments.
  • Preset logging screens allow on-site evaluation of all major power quality parameters (U,I,PF, cosØ,THD, individual harmonics components, phase shifts, etc.).
  • Windows compatible PowerQ Link software package expands a versatility

PowerQ Plus - MI 2392

Main features

  • Simultaneous analysis of basic power quality parameters (U,I P,Q,S,PF)
  • Harmonics analysis up to 50th component
  • Phase diagram
  • Voltage unbalance calculation for 3-phase systems
  • On-line scope function
  • Lightweight design
  • Downloading software package PowerQ Link

Standard Set

Target applications

  • Power Quality assessment and troubleshooting in low voltage electrical systems.
  • Balancing phase currents in 3-phase systems.
  • Checking power correction equipment performance.
  • Harmonics spectrum analysis for selection of harmonic filters.
  • Capturing inrush currents e.g. motor's start up currents
  • Voltage deviations recording
  • Consumption recording
  • Instrument PowerQ
  • Current clamp 1000A/1V, 3 pcs
  • Test tips, 3 PCs
  • Alligator clips, 4 PCs
  • Voltage measurement cables, 4 PCs
  • PC software package on CD with RS232 cable
  • Power Supply adapter
  • Rechargeable batteries, 6 PCs
  • Soft carry case
  • User manual

General Technical specification

Dimensions: (220 x 115 x 90) mm

Weight ( without accessories): 0.65kg

Need more information about PowerQ Plus?

Download Datasheet - PDF file

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Last modified: November 04, 2005.
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