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MicroVIP3-PLUS Portable recording energy and harmonics analyzer

Portable recording energy and harmonics analyzer

33 parameters on back-lit LCD: 
V, A, P.F., kW, kVA, kVAr, Hz, 
kWh, kVAh, THD (V and A)

Additional 156 parameters on the printer.

MicroVIP3-PLUS Portable recording energy and harmonics analyzer

Top performance in standard small portable meter:
  • A new compact portable Energy & Power Quality Analyser for both single phase and 3 phase systems, supplied complete with 3 off 1000A clip-on CTs.
  • Crisp high-contrast backlit LCD displays true RMS values for up to 33 parameters.
  • Massive 1MB on-board memory for data storage over extended survey periods including waveform capture for current and voltage.
  • Programmable 42 column on-board graphics printer provides additional 156 parameters of data including V&I harmonics to 24th multiple with both DC component and displacement factor, and waveform/harmonic bar chart printout.
  • Supplied complete with CTs, voltage leads and all accessories in strong carry case.
  • Fast download to PC via high-speed serial link.
  • Fully programmable for all CT/VT ratios, star/delta/single phase connection and power integration period.
  • Class 1 accuracy (IEC 1036)
  • Suitable for DC measurement (via optional DC clamp).
  • Dual voltage power supply 230/110VAC with internal rechargeable back-up battery.

  • On-board clock/calendar.

Brochures in PDF:
MicroVIP3-Plus  MicroWIN

MicroWin Software
allows reading all instrument measures and creating measuring campaigns in two models: Manual or Automatic. With this program you can display the measuring trend over time, the waveform and the harmonics spectrum of voltage and current, etc.
MicroWin allows downloading, classifying and archiving any measuring campaigns stored in the instrument internal memory.
These campaigns are processed in the same way as the numeric or waveform campaigns run on a PC by MicroWin in Remote mode

Moreover, you can create waveform campaigns displaying the three-phase voltages and currents in Graphic mode. In the Harmonics spectrum display, all Voltage, Current and Cos measures for all the harmonics available on the instrument (0-24) appear both in numeric and in percentage values calculated on the basis of the first harmonic.

During the campaign it is possible to display the measuring trend in real time, up to a maximum of four measures.

MicroWin allows selecting in real time the number of tracks to be displayed and the type of measure of each channel.

The user can freely modify the colours of any graph in the program. The Print preview shows a preview of the print output for each window.

For a detailed analysis of the measuring campaign in off-line mode all campaign records appear included in a grid similar to an EXCEL spreadsheet. Inside the spreadsheet, historical data can be graphed up to a maximum of four measures. Besides, the user can freely select the measures and records to be displayed.

Configuring campaigns is a very intuitive procedure. MicroWin simply provides one Configuration window, where all the basic parameters (such as date and time of campaign start and end, the frequency time,  the instrument setup and a descriptive label for each measuring campaign) are set.

It is possible to have access to the scheduler at any time, so as to add, modify or delete measuring campaigns.

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