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Pocket energy and harmonics analyzer

Model NanoVIP-PLUS & NanoVIP -PLUS MEM(with internal memory) Kit

Top performance in standard small handheld meter:

  • Over 100 measuring functions,
  • RMS Volts and Current measurement,
  • PEAK function for storing all measurements in correspondence to V, A, W peaks (selectable),
  • MEM function for deviation monitoring of V, A, W,
  • Over 4032 records internal memory (only NanoVIP-PlusMEM)
  • 200AAC clamp-on CT included, 1000AAC and DC Current clamps optional,
  • Programmable CT and PT ratios allow automatic calculation of actual reading when NanoVIP-Plus is connected to the secondary circuits of preinstalled current and potential transformers.
  • Large LCD display,
  • RS232 interface and PC software included
  • High accuracy (class 1),
  • Very user friendly
  • Carry case and 1 set of voltage cable supplied

The NANOVIP PLUS is a handheld portable instrument capable of measuring over 100 fundamental parameters.

Instantaneous Measurements:
  • Volt, Amps, Watts, VAr, VA, W, Hz, kWh (import/export), kVArh.
  • All measurements are true RMS.
  • 1% accuracy - including clamp error.
  • DC measurement with optional hall effect sensor.
  • Automatic recognition of clamp type (200A or 1000A)
  • PEAK feature captures max. current/power values.
  • MEM function provides data hold and allows real time comparison of new readings against stored values.
Harmonic Measurements (1st to 24th):
  • Harmonic of Voltage and Current in absolute and percentage values, plus their DC component and displacement factor.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of Voltage and Current in reference to the fundamental or RMS value.
  • Crest factor for Voltage and Current in absolute and percentage value.
  • DC ripple component for Voltage and Current.
Easy Setup:
  • Auto setup for standard current clamps.
  • Manual override for nonstandard ratios - fully programmable for any CT.
  • Standard or co-generation energy metering.
  • RS232 parameter setup for serial communication.

Technical Specifications:

  • Inputs: Voltage: (L1,N) max 600 VAC (20 Hz - 600 Hz) Current: 1 Volt (20 Hz - 600 Hz.)
  • Voltage inputs overload: maximum permitted voltage 825VAC,1.17 KV peak
  • Current input overload: 5 times Full scale value (a protective device trips when this limit is reached)
  • Number of scales: 3 voltage ranges, 3 current ranges. Automatic scale change: Response time for scale change: 1 sec. The change to the next (higher) scale occurs at 105% of full scale value of the scale activated. The change to the next lower scale occurs at 20% of full scale value of the scale activated
  • Dimensions: 80 x175 x 32,5 (without cover).
  • Weight of the instrument: 400 gr. including cover and batteries.
  • Power Supply: 1,5V AA alkaline-manganese IEC LR6, nominal capacity 2700mAh
  • Accuracy: < 0,5%F.S.+ 0,5%Rdg.

NanoWIN is an optional data management software in WINDOWS9x and NT4.0 environments for NanoVIP-Plus. The digital format measurement display is divided according to four types: RMS, Peak Memory, THD Crest Factor and Harmonics spectrum. Each of the groups can be displayed or hidden independently. Harmonics spectrum display shows voltage, current and cos-fi in both numerical and bar-graph format.[more...]

For three phase measurement, please consider MicroVIP3-Plus

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