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Nanovip3 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer
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CSA Approved (on request)
4 voltage & 5 current inputs
Ability to connect and analyze unbalanced three phase system
Full traditional energy analysis
Analysis of power quality parameters
Full traditional energy analysis
Analysis of power quality parameters
Display waveforms of current and voltage
Measuring DC
Checking of the correct connection of the instrument to the system
2GB MicroSD card supplied to measure long-term campaigns
Software NanoStudio supplied
Technical Specification
Power Supply 4 batteries AA NiMh 2100mAh
Battery duration >24 hours


Graphic LCD 68x68mm
Precision Class 0.5
Safety 600V CAT III
Instrument Dimensions 203x116x53 mm
Protection degree IP30
Display update period 1 second
PC Communication Interface USB
PC Card Interface SD Card ( 2GB)
Included Accessories:

n. 1 NanoVIP3 handheld energy analyser

n. 1 battery pack

n. 4 voltage cables (yellow, black, red, blue) with integrated alligator clips

n. 3 current probes (type chosen by the user)

n. 1 USB-A/miniUSB-B connection cable

n. 1 memory card MicroSD 2GB (PC software NanoStudio and the user manual)

n. 1 wall plug power supply

n. 1 hard carrying case

Datasheet Download

For single phase power quality analyzer, please visit us at: http://www.duncaninstr.com/ecnanovip2.htm


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