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Electrical Energy Analyzers

Infratek 106 Series High performance power analyzers
Jupiter New Professional Portable Power Quality Analyzer & Datalogger
MI-2392 PowerQ Plus New PowerQ Plus Portable 3-phase power quality analyzer
Portable recording power and harmonics analyzer
NANOVIP-Plus Handheld digital power analyzer/logger for single and balanced three phase
VIP System 3 Portable energy analyzer with built-in printer and optional data storage
PowerXplorer PX5 Professional Portable Power Quality Analyzer & Datalogger
PowerPad™ Model 3945 Power Quality Analyzer & Datalogger
VIP 96 Power Analyzers Front panel installed family of digital power analyzers
VIP-ENERGY DIN rail installed digital power analyzers for three phase systems with RS-485 output
DMM3 Multipanel meter - Single-phase and unbalanced three-phase system
SIRIO Energy counter
VIP-VIEW PC software to monitor power meters over the MODBUS RS-485 network


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