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600V CAT III Fused Probes SFTL-CC Kit (CSA Approved)

test lead

SFTL-CC Kit includes:

Red and black test probes with 1.5 meter silicone cables, and 4mm universal right angle meter connections. 2 class CC(US standard) 2 Amp 600V fuses are supplied

Replacement fuse


  • CSA Approved
  • Class CC (US) fused test prod
  • Blown fuse indicator lamp
  • Fine tip 1" long
  • Tip protected by translucent sleeve with pushbutton release
  • Easy handling with gloves
  • Silicon lead with universal right angle meter connections


  • Rated 600 V CAT III
  • Standard 2 A fuse. Optional fusing up to 20 A
  • Complies with IEC61010-1/61010-031 standard
  • Heavy duty insulation

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Last modified aprol 03, 2007.
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