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MS-2205 Hand-Held Power & Harmonic Analyzer

Insulation and Continuity Tester
  • Measuring Voltage,Current,Voltage/Current peak,effective/reactive/apparent power(Single-phase or Balanced 3-phase)
  • Measuring power factor,reactivity,phase angle,frequency, phase detection(Balanced 3-phase)
  • Measuring voltage/current harmonic levels(up to 20th)and total harmonic distortion(THD-F and THD-R)
  • TRMS Value can enforce the accuracy of measuring the non-sinusoidal waveforms or distorted waveforms
  • Phase detection:Normal/reverse/missing(at 3-phase balanced load)
  • Record:MAX.value nad MIN.value(Effective in the voltage,current and effective/ apparent power functions)
  • Data Storage:can memorize up to 100 measuring values, and download to PC software by RS-232C interface
  • Low Battery indication
  • Data hold
  • Auto power-off
  • PC-link:RS-232C interface by optical insulating couple
Function Range Accuracy
AC Current (A) 20/200/1000A 2%
AC Voltage (V) 150/300/600V 1.2%
Active power(kW) 30/60/120/150/300/600kW 3.0%
Apparent power(kW) 30/60/120/150/300/600kVA 3.0%
Reactive power(kW) 30/60/120/150/300/600kVAr 3.0%
Power factor 0.3cap to 0.3ind 3.0%
Frequency(Hz 45~1000Hz 0.5%
Harmonic measurement Fundamental frequency:50/60Hz, 1 to 20th  
Display LCD 6000  
MAX.diameter for conductor ø50mm  
Power supply 4 X 1.5V AA  
Dimensions 300mm X 103mm X 51 mm  
Weight 500g  
Included Accessories:

Kit completed with:

  • MS2205 Power Clamp Meter
  • Test leads with needle-type probes: 1 pair
  • Test leads with alligator clips: 1 BLACK, 1 RED & 1 YELLOW
  • CD software: 1
  • RS232 cable: 1 piece
  • AA batteries: 4
  • User manual: 1
  • Carrying case: 1


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