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PWR-3 & PWR-5 THREE -PHASE Power Meter Fused Test Lead Set with 600V Protection

  • IEC1010 CAT III - 600V Approved
  • Stackable banana plugs simplify circuit connections/changes for multiple stacking
  • Detachable “push-on” fused crocodile clip allows a fused lead to be used as a regular lead
  • Extra long leads for safe operation of instruments
  • High Rupture Capacity (HRC) fuses are easily replaced
  • Individual test leads are completely colour-coded for ease of identification
Included Accessories:

Four 80" (Two metres) long test lead assemblies: three (Red, Blue and White) are 1000V fused; and one (Green) unfused test lead assembly. The Red, Blue and White fused test lead assemblies include 1000V ceramic fuses, test lead with stackable safety shrouded banana plugs at each end with push-on fused crocodile clip. The Green (ground) test lead is unfused and includes stackable safety shrounded banana plugs at each end with a push-on unfused green crocodile clip.


Five 80" (Two metres) long test lead assemblies: three (Red, Black and Blue ) are 1000V fused; and two( White and Green) unfused test lead assembly.

Technical Specification:
Fused Crocodile Clip accept all standard 4mm plugs
IEC 1010 Rating: 1000 Volts CATIII
Fuse Rating: 500mA/1000V/50k
4mm Stackable Plug
IEC1010 Rating: 1000 Volts CAT III ª 20 Amps
Accepts cable up to 4.5 mmØ.
Standard Colours: Red, Black, Blue,White, Green,
Flanged Fully Insulated Crocodile Clip

accept all standard 4mm plugs

Maximum jaw opening 26mm
IEC 1010 Rating: 600 Volts CAT III 1000 Volts
Colours: Green, White
Leads 1mm2 double insulated silicone 3.6 mmØ. Multistranded very flexible copper core. 7/36/0.071
Fuse Rating 500mA/1000V/50k


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