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Digital Energy Analyzer -- Model VIPSystem3

For single phase and three phase systems
Volt (RMS), Amp (RMS), P.F., kW, kVA, kVAr, Hz, Average Powers, Maximum Powers, Harmonic Distortion, kWh, kVArh

Top performance in a portable instrument:
  • 82 parameters,
  • AC and DC measurements,
  • Build in programmable printer,
  • 2 alarm outputs,
  • RS232 output,
  • Memory Pack,
  • Harmonic analyzer.
Digital Energy Analyzer -- Model VIPSystem3

The VIP System 3 is a portable, lightweight analyzer with a build-in printer whitch monitors electrical energy on three-phase system. The Vip System 3 measures and prints voltages, currents, powers, power factor and distortions. It measures total and and time-band energy consumption. Allongside instanteneous readings it also provides average values and maximum power and distortion readings. The build-in printer can provide print-out of selected parameters and alarm conditions in digital and graph form.

 The VIP System 3 with the addition of a MEMORY PACK can be used to carry out preprogrammed automatic measurement surveys. Colected data can then be printed on the remote printer or transfered to the Personal Computer and processed in the spreadsheet program.

 The analyzer can be tranformed into harmonic analyzer by inserting Harmonics Black Box. 


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