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WPS1 - Wide input voltage range Power Supply:

WPS1 is a DC to DC down converter designed to accept wide range of input volts, making it ideal power supply for contactor coils, solenoids or solar panels. Pinout is compatible with Panasonic EHDRD3363 DC-DC converter.


Models: WPS1N524 -24V to -600V Input range, 5W, -24V output

Technical Specification:
Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Input Volts: 750 Vdc
Operating Ambient Temperature:

-30 to +85 0°C

Storage Temperature: -40 to +105 0°C
Operating Ratings:
Input Voltage range (Vin): 24 to -600 Vdc
Output Voltage (Vout): 24 Vdc +/- 5%
Output Current (Iout): 200mA max.
Output ripple voltage: 0.5V
Efficiency: 50 to 95%
Dimensions 36mm x 28mm

Technical Information:

WPS1 Power Supply

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